Give Your Lazy Skin a Workout

I have a LAZY skin. It needs not just constant attention but strict supervision. The moment I focus on other things, like my frizzy hair and dry feet, my skin would just automatically switch off and stop breathing. It would usually take a nasty slap to wake it up. Literally.

Whenever my skin goes into idle mode, it becomes dull, overly dry or oily and unresponsive to most of my beauty products. At first, i thought it was because I was using lousy skin products but after countless years of a love-hate relationship with my skin, I learned that the solution wasn’t that far from my previous  ‘lazy’ flabby tummy problem. All my skin needed was a workout.

Workout Routines for the Skin
Sometimes, it’s not enough to just apply good products on your skin. If the skin isn’t prepped up to absorb the products efficiently, most of the nutrients will just sit on the surface of your skin, wasted. Once in a while, you really have to roughen up and shred off that couch potato skin.

1. Do the cold-hot water treatment. Sometimes, your skin could get too used to the temperature of the place you live in. It makes your skin ‘complacent’ and makes it harder for you to blush even in front of your crush. A good way to wake you and your skin up in the morning is to splash ice-cold water and warm water alternately on your face. It’s the same concept behind the hot & cold tub hydrotherapy.

2. Slap yourself. Literally. Okay, you don’t need to do the head-swinging award-winning slap but a mild ‘pat-pat’ action will do. If you watched the phenomenal Hada Labo commercial that had vainpots like me running to the nearest Watson’s store after watching it, you’ll know what I mean. You can use this technique when applying milky toners and/or to help your skin absorb face oils and serums better. Do not overdo it, though, or you might end up with red palm marks on your cheeks.

3. Go for IPL. If you’ve got spare cash and you can afford to go for face rejuvenation through IPL three to four times a year, why not? IPL will definitely wake your skin up. Besides, it helps treat photodamaged skin, gives the skin a nice glow, rids pores of dead skin and stimulates collagen production.  I  read a lot of horror stories about IPL-gone-terribly(and irreversibly)-wrong so it’s better to go to a qualified doctor for this. Besides, only doctors can use higher grades of IPL machines.

4. Alternate your skincare products. Overtime, your skin can get used to your skincare products and that’s the reason why you don’t see as much significant results after using certain products for a while. To prevent your skin from being ‘complacent’, it’ll be good to alternate products on a daily basis although this  can be quite tricky as it requires you to know how to read your skin. Alternatively, you can change some parts of your beauty routine and products every six months instead.

5. Facial Massage is love. I started doing simple massage routines on my face about six months ago and it definitely improved not just the condition of my skin but my stress levels, as well. Just like the rest of our body, our face needs proper blood and fluid circulation or else, it’ll look dull, saggy and puffy in the wrong places.

6. Workout. Sweat it out, girl! This tip won’t be such a cliche’ in the beauty and skincare world if it doesn’t do wonders. Working out can open your pores, let your skin breathe and improve your overall blood circulation, giving you a healthy glow.

7. Sweep off the dust. By dust, I mean ‘dead skin’. Sometimes, your skin could appear lazy not because it really is but because its top layer is clogged with lots of dead skin. Aside from removing dirt and dead skin, exfoliation also stimulates skin regeneration. Some people are afraid that constant exfoliation will thin the top layer of the skin and that’s true but that also depends on what kind of exfoliants you use. Chemical peeling solutions will definitely thin the skin in the long run but mild natural exfoliants will simply just help your skin do its job more effectively. Some natural exfoliants are pumpkin, honey & oatmeal, milk/cottage cheese & milk & sugar among many others. If you think you need a professionally-done deeper peel, you can go for a glycolic peel, diamond peel or a hydroquinone-free PCA peel.

Whether you have a lazy skin or not, I’m sure it won’t hurt to try any of the tips above. Anyway, I believe there is no such thing as a lazy skin to a hard-working vainpot. Right? :)

EcoBeauty Q: Do you have a lazy skin, too? What do you do to keep it in tiptop condition?

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  • Kira

    It never occurred to me that I have lazy skin! Haha! But I do switch from warm to cold water (been doing this for years), as well as exfoliate once a week and I switch facial cleansers often for variation. Seems to work fine :)

    • EcoBeauty

      Whoah! But you’ve already got great skin! 😮

      Yeah exfoliation is a MUST. Some people don’t like to exfoliate, saying it’s harsh for the skin. But based on experience, whenever I let my skin be, it just gets even lazier. -_-

  • loveaholic

    haha i think these tips are great.
    i agree with kira. i never thought of my skin being “lazy” as i always try to take care of it. but it makes sense! haha. i hate the coldwater thing but i do it >< and i exfoliate several times a week. i also try to switch up products in my skincare regimen so i dont feel like my skins getting too used to a product :)

    • EcoBeauty

      LOL, I guess it’s because it can get really cold in NY. Here in Singapore, it’s summer ALL the time so I hate the ‘warm water thing’ :p

      Yeah, exfoliation will definitely wake the skin up but doing it too often might not give the skin enough time to heal itself. You’ll know you’ve been exfoliating too much when your skin starts to show stress lines. Usually about 2 times a week, depending on how sensitive your skin is, is fine if you’re using scrub or gel exfoliants and 3-4 times if you’re using really mild masks made with fruit acids. Then a major peel once or twice a year, depending on your age and skin condition, will help you maintain the glow. :)

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  • dooey

    exercise is great. it makes my face super flushed! though temporary, but feels very good.

    • Vivi

      at least you manage to get that temporary flush. I usually only sweat–no pinkish cheeks, lol. Probably it’s because I’m highly anemic.

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  • pavani reddy

    great post…its time to move my lazy skin..