Training for Water Therapy

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you how I’ve turned into a proud (and glowing) water therapy believer. However, I also said that starting on water therapy wasn’t easy.

As I was never used to drinking more than 8 glasses a day, it was a tough climb to 3.5-4 liters a day for me. During the first time I tried water therapy based on random instructions and tips I found online (ex. Drink 1.5 liters of water first thing in the morning. It will give you glowing skin! ), I was traumatized. The challenge and stress of trying (but not succeeding) to reach 4 liters of water intake a day gave me dark circles and ruined my mood. I also found it highly inconvenient that I had to visit the toilet too often. I asked myself, how come nobody told me about these things? Am I doing the right thing?

Even with lots of info resources, I was ironically in the dark and on the verge of giving up and sulking in a corner with a bag of potato chips instead. Obviously, I was not prepared for water therapy.

Biological Clock & Capacity
Let’s side track a little bit… Have you noticed that when you’re used to sleeping at a particular time, regardless of whether you force yourself or not, you would usually really feel sleepy around that time, anyway? Or why during  the holiday season, when there ‘s an abundance of appetizing food and you tend to eat more, it’s harder to eat less or easier to feel hungry right after the eating season’s over?

Well, our body has it’s own schedule and capacity which are usually based on our lifestyle. In fact, even our ‘stomach’ tends to shrink when we’re used to taking very little food and this is how the first stage of bulemia begins for anorexic people. First, the  tiny diet is imposed but later on, once the body adapts to it, it becomes a medical condition. It is the same with taking water. If your body is used to processing little water, it becomes somehow ‘stressed’ or ‘resistant’ to more water. On the other hand, once you get used to taking more water, you’ll find yourself feeling somehow dehydrated when you’ve taken less than the usual amount. You may not actually be dehydrated but you’ll get the dry feeling–and so you’ll crave for more water.

How to Get Started on Water Therapy
Now, how did a water slacker like me do it? Well, I simply just had to train my mind and my body. I waited for myself to get used to the routine. It was not an overnight process, it took me about five days and a lot of house-cleaning (you’ll know why later). But after a couple of weeks in the program, not only have I got an idea for a blog entry, I’ve got a much healthier skin, too.

So hopefully, these tips and steps I imposed upon myself will help you as much as they helped me.

1. Be prepared. Just like applying your beauty products Water Therapy will require commitment and discipline from you. You want consistently healthy skin? Well, work for it, girl! Or boy. It also means that you’ll have to pee more often… so if your office desk happens to be floors away from the toilet, get ready for some running.

2. Be realistic. Don’t expect a miracle unless you’ll be drinking water from The Fountain of Youth–in which case, kindly email me the exact location or a scanned copy of the map, together with your cellphone number. Water will improve your skin condition or prevent it from getting worse.  It will not magically transform your skin from brown to fair or make your pimples all dry up after a couple of glasses. It might also take time for you to see results. In my case, my BF noticed improvements after about 3 days. If you’ve been living an unhealthy lifestyle for quite a while, it might take more than a week  or two to flush your toxins and for your skin to show the healthier you.

3. Do it for your health, too. Seriously, what’s wrong with drinking more water? Regardless of whether it gives remarkable improvement on your skin or not, do it for good health, at least. Always remember that if you’re healthy inside, your skin would naturally glow to show it. And don’t worry, the glow won’t be green.

4. Take it slow. Don’t make the experience traumatic for you by gulping gallons at one go. Spread your intake throughout the day.

5. Water Therapy does not just consist of water. You can drink probably about 3 liters of purev water per day and reserve the remaining liter for other healthy drinks like fruit juices and milk.

6. Create the need for water. This is probably the trickiest part. Remember what I said about our biological clock and capacity? Well, to increase your normal intake of water, you should first get your system to get used to it. Sometimes, we don’t take water because we feel full or easily filled up whenever we drink. But if we can create the need and the space for water, then we’ll slowly adapt to it physically and psychologically. So when do we usually feel thirsty? Yes, when’s it hot or when we’re exercising. However, it is not really advisable to drink water when doing heavy and consistent exercise.  So you can’t just head on to the gym, run on the treadmill and start drinking lots of water in the middle of panting. You’ll feel sick. There are other irregular yet tiring activities which you can do to make yourself feel thirsty–one of which, is cleaning your house.

Set aside a day to do general cleaning. Do not switch on the air-con. Also, get your hand phone and set a regular countdown timer which will alert you in consistent intervals. The alarm will remind you when to drink water. Get the pitcher and the glass ready and put them somewhere accessible. When I tried this for the first time, I set my alarm to ring every 30 minutes while I was cleaning my house. Every thirty minutes, as soon as my alarm rang, I forced myself to drink a glass (.25 L) of water. It was still a little hard at first but as I did more house chores, it became easier for me to feel thirsty and to finish a glass. After about 6 hours, not only have I cleaned the whole house, done my laundry and ironing, I’ve also successfully taken about 3 liters of water.

7. Remind yourself to remember. Sometimes, it’s not necessarily because we don’t want to drink… we just forget. Set a timer or post a reminder on your work station.

8. Make drinking water convenient. If you’re too busy/lazy to come to where the water is (which is probably from a few steps to a couple of cubicles/desks/chairs away from you), make water come to you. Get yourself a BIG mug (.5 L) or a pitcher (2 L).  Shame on you if you’ll still feel lazy filling up that pitcher once a day! :p

9. Train yourself to drink water first thing in the morning. As mentioned in my previous entry, it’s highly recommended for us to drink at least one glass of water in the morning for detoxification. However, this may not be realistic to those who are just starting WT. If you aren’t used to drinking water right after waking up, at least start with half a glass of water which is semi-warm or at room temperature. Cold water has the tendency to make us feel full and make us more prone to a gases when taken with an empty stomach.

10. Monitor your progress. Take a photo of yourself (bare-faced/without make-up) before you start going on WT. After 1-2 week/s, take another photo. Do the same after one month or so. Keep these photos as reminders never to slack on your water intake again. Be sure to take your photo at the same place, under the same lighting and with the same camera so you can really observe the changes.

Laziness & Complacency are your biggest Enemies
Even a Water Therapy believer like me is very much guilty of still slipping off the program once in a while. And as I write this entry, I’ve got another big cystic acne (previous one just disappeared miraculously after intensive WT), which I believe is a combination of too much junk food and not drinking enough water. I was able to get rid of my previous cystic acne by consistently drinking four liters of pure water (alone) for five days. Unfortunately, I got too overzealous and excited of my acne-free skin that I spent more time admiring my clear skin in the mirror than getting myself a glass of water to drink. From four liters, I went down to one liter again… and voila! Here’s another big acne.

Which reminds me… where did I leave that pitcher?

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